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LED lighting standardization of the four major bottlenecks
Oct 15, 2016

In the industry and market demand for the strong traction standards, in recent years, relevant ministries and standardization organizations have carried out the standard-setting work. Has been implemented with the LED (Qingdao led lights) products related to national standards and industry standards were more than 70 items, has been established or is being developed in the national standards and industry standards were more than 50 items. In addition, various local standards have also been developed and published. The development and implementation of these standards, better support and serve the development of China's LED industry, to regulate the industry market competition has played a positive role.

See the results at the same time, we must clearly understand that the bottleneck of industrial development problems are still prominent. Mainly in:

1. Semiconductor lighting standard system construction and standard-setting work can not fully support the industrial development.

2. Semiconductor lighting industry chain is a long, electronic information and light industry, the intersection of two areas, its application is more extensive, to the standard-setting and coordination of work has brought great challenges.

3. "Standards" are based on the combined results of science, technology and experience. Semiconductor lighting industry in the early stages of development, technology changes quickly, improve product performance quickly, making some of the product standards can not keep up with the pace of product performance, and reliability test methods and other basic standards also need more in-depth study.

4. The promotion of existing standards is not enough, enterprises and relevant departments do not know what standards are available, how to use.