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The Application of PC Material and in Truck Lighting
Dec 27, 2017


                         The Application of PC Material and PP Material in Truck Lighting

     PC(polycarbonate) performace: excellent impact resistance, best impact toughness in thermoplastics; Best heat resistance, high rigidity; best transparency; good mechanical performances and best electrical insulation properties; Wide temperature range, and long-term using; Dimensional stability, high creep resistance.

     The internal structure of the led trailer lamp make different parts of the lamp with different temperature. For example,the temperature between the reflector cup and the ring may in the light may reach to 100-190 ℃. So in this situation,it is better to use PC and PC-HT.

    Optical grade pc is usually used in the external lens of the trailer light, general-purpose PC is usually used in the parts with high requirement of heat-resistant, such as truck head light rings and other functional parts. pc with colors also used in the transparent or opaque parts of truck lights, such as the lens of the third brake light.

    Normally,for its excellent performance in the application of truck lighting,the pc meterial is more expensive material than other plastic.