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Domestic LED Lighting Life Cycle Cost Advantage Began To Take Shape
Oct 15, 2016

LED lamps on the application point of view, the cost of lighting is the most important factor. LED lamps and lanterns cost includes two parts, one is the initial purchase cost of lamps, which depends on the LED lamps (Qingdao led lights) market price; Second, the use of lighting costs, depending on lamp life, power costs and maintenance costs factor.

The current price of LED lighting is also much higher than the traditional lighting, up to 40 times the minimum is more than 2 times. According to the LED lighting manufacturing process and parts prices, LED lighting prices will always be higher than the traditional lamps, but the spread will be further reduced. In the current domestic lighting conditions and power price conditions, LED lamps consume electricity and maintenance costs lower than the same effect of the traditional lamps.

LED lamps and lanterns based on the full life cycle cost analysis, LED lighting, compared with the same performance of the traditional lamps, LED bulb, LED lighting, LED downlight full cycle costs are significantly lower than traditional lighting, already available A clear competitive advantage. The LED straight tube lamp life cycle cost and the traditional lighting is basically flat, is expected in 2012 will show a more obvious cost advantage, to achieve the promotion of alternative use.