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Looking At The World LED Industry Pattern
Oct 15, 2016

In recent years, the semiconductor lighting industry in the global context of energy saving and environmental protection has been high-speed development. The influx of capital from various quarters, the traditional confrontation with the LED according to the new army confrontation, technology and patent competition, market and channel competition are the birth of this emerging industry development and maturity. In the context of fierce global competition, a group of outstanding LED brand enterprises gushing out, the impact and impact on the global lighting industry structure.

At present, the global semiconductor lighting industry has been formed in the United States, Europe, Asia, the three regions dominated the three pillars of the brand distribution and competitive landscape. According to the market share, technical strength and R & D capability to form the brand influence to the division, the global LED brand pattern at this stage has shown to the United States, Europe, Japan as the industry leader, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia And other countries and regions to actively follow up the echelon distribution situation. Among them, the Japanese LED by virtue of a strong technical strength, dominated the high-end LED market; Europe and the United States as a strong traditional lighting area, in the global lighting market has a large share of China's rapid industrial development in recent years, has grown into an important global Of the LED production base.